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I was born in Moscow into a Jewish family, lived in Israel in my twenties, and now am living and practicing in Boulder, Colorado. I finished my first degree in law in Moscow and was a human rights activist — fighting for justice was very important to me. I have been involved in a variety of human rights work: I was a polling station observer during the Russian Parliament and Presidential Elections, I freed illegally arrested immigrants from police custody, and I was an observer during protest rallies against corruption in the Russian Federation. 


Despite loving my job, at some point I noticed that I was fully focused on the outside change, disregarding my inner world; my anxiety, and ADHD that I was struggling with.


It has always been a big challenge for me to focus on one thing and finishing the projects that I was passionate about. When it became apparent that these are no longer challenges I can continue to ignore, I became determined to resolve them.  

My life changed and I found my clarity when I got introduced to body practices: yoga, meditation, lifestream, and qigong. These techniques have helped me to become more grounded and embodied. I'm still practicing them daily, which helps tremendously to deal with everyday challenges. 

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Photo by Guy Raz

In addition to adopting body and mindfulness practices, I started participating in group retreats and I've found a wonderful therapist. My therapy sessions were an eye-opening experience, where I was able to find a lot of answers about the roots of my anxiety and solutions to dealing with my ADHD on a daily basis.

To a great extent, my experience with these modalities helped me increase my ability to deal with intense emotions or, as we call it in therapy, increase my ‘window of tolerance’.

I realized I wanted to focus on creating social change from the inside out, and therapy was my choice for my next career. I've decided to become a psychotherapist and support others on the path of growth and self-exploration. 

I discovered that the way to lasting wellbeing and happiness is through opening ourselves up to all sorts of experiences--ones that excite us and ones that trouble and scare us.

My approach to psychotherapy and coaching is based on this realization, and my work with clients is focused on helping you find more peace and happiness in your daily life by increasing your capacity to open up fully and consciously to all of your experiences.

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Photo by Mirra Kamenskaya

To make sure that my work with you will lead to deep insights and efficient real-life changes, I've put more than a decade of my life to learning and practicing the following mind-body and therapeutic approaches: 


  • Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling, MA 

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Psychodrama

  • Meditation Instruction Training

  • Dreamwork

  • Phototherapy

  • Group Therapy and Facilitation

  • Life Coaching

  • Yoga

  • Qi-Quong 

  • Lifestream Body Awareness

  • Addiction Counseling

  • Counseling for Postpartum Depression

  • Career Counseling

  • BC3 Tools

  • Multcitural Expeditions Fascilitation 

  • Youth Counseling

  • Eco-Activism

  • Vipassana Meditation

  • Contemplative Photography 

If you are curious to know how therapy or coaching can help you, schedule a free 20 minutes consultation below!


Office: 5353 Manhattan Circle, suite 102, Boulder, CO, 80302

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