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for Individuals and Groups

In-person PhotoTherapy and Online PhotoTherapy 

Would you like to go deeper into exploring and deepening your understanding of yourself, your relationship, and your challenges beyond just talk therapy? Using PhotoTherapy, you and I will create a deeper understanding and a more efficient transformation in your life. Talk therapy enhanced by the powerful tools of photography can expedite your therapeutic process, improve your relationships with others and yourselves in a fun and creative way.


Photo by Guy Raz


My two main passions:
Psychotherapy and Photography are combined into a symbiosis under the simple name of PhotoTherapy. I thought I had come up with this field of science, but after writing my graduate thesis at Naropa University on PhotoTherapy, I was happy to learn that this practice of using photographs as an instrument in therapy sessions is already an established worldwide practice. Photographs can be used in different ways. To give you an example, here are  three PhotoTherapy techniques I use with my clients:

Photo by Jevgenij Cariov

Photo albums

The photographs we store are a bridge to the feelings and details of the moment the camera shutter was pressed. Have you watched “The Butterfly Effect” movie?
There, the hero of the story Ashton Kutcher travels in time through video recordings, and when that is no longer available, he tries to use photo albums to travel into the past. And it works! I invite you to join this experiment with me to use family albums to time travel to different moments in your life.

Family Photo Album
Woman in orange Inara Wheeler dancing to

Client as a photographer

We are what we see. Taking this statement as a starting point, the next step is the statement, “We are what we photograph.” This approach enables us to take photographs and explore them as if we were looking at ourselves.

What inspired you at the moment you pressed the shutter? 

If the object you took a photograph of could speak, what would it say?

Apart from photos you take, this technique can also include working with other photos you like, including magazine clippings, etc. to make collages, digital creations, or other artwork of your choice.

Photo by Sofia Dro

The client as a model / subject of photography.

I offer photo sessions that are combined with a conversation before and after, where you and I have the opportunity to explore the subjects of self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-knowledge.

Once the pictures are ready, we will look at the photographs and discuss how they make you feel and what they bring up for you. Unfiltered by the opinion of others, this can be a very powerful and therapeutically beneficial encounter.


Questions we might explore include:
-What would you title this photo?
-Do you want to rephotograph this photo? How might it be different if you did it again?
-What gift do you feel like this photo is giving to you?


Office: 2975 Valmont Rd STE 320, Boulder, CO 80301
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