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 ADD / ADHD Coaching
Life Balance Coaching

In-person and Online Coaching Sessions 


You might be here because you're feeling overwhelmed, always behind, and torn between so many projects and endless to-do lists. 


ADHD coaching will help you achieve the life-work balance that you were always looking for. 


In our work we'll identify your real priorities, resolve contradicting needs, create clarity and take action.


The goal in ADHD coaching is to simplify your life and make it more balanced, so that you will always know what's the one most important next step.


Relaxing by the Water

In our work together we will explore creative ways to overcome procrastination, reconfigure unrealistic goals, master time management, and goal-setting. 


We will explore and apply strategies to achieve more while working less hard. We will create the healthy lifestyle and habits that you always wanted to create but were putting to another day. 

As both a therapist and a coach, I understand that the emotional part of the overwhelm that comes with untreated adult ADHD, has to be talked about. Yes, coaching is not therapy, we won't be just talking about the problems, we will be also taking action. That being said, in our work, we will dive deep into your mindset, self-limiting beliefs, fears, and hopes so that you could get unstuck and unleash your full potential. 


Office: 2975 Valmont Rd STE 320, Boulder, CO 80301
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