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Therapy and Coaching
for Individuals and Groups

In-person and Online Therapy and Coaching

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My name is Sofia and I am a psychotherapist and a coach in Boulder, CO. 
I help my clients to create better relationships, overcome grief, understand themselves better, and overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I work with individuals and couples and I can help you too!

My path towards counseling and coaching began when psychotherapy and mindfulness practices entered my life about ten years ago through qigong, yoga, group retreats, and then classical psychotherapy.

These practices enabled me to remain grounded as I lived in a few different countries and explored several different career paths. By and large, my experience with these modalities helped me increase my ability to tolerate intense emotions and challenging moments in my life.
My passion for psychotherapy led me to earning my master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (with an emphasis in mindfulness and transpersonal counseling) at Naropa University. I am a psychotherapist and a coach, working with individuals, groups, and couples in person in Boulder, CO, and online.
I am passionate about bringing body awareness into my work with couples, group therapy, and integrating transpersonal approaches, such as dream work, into individual practice. I bring multicultural awareness and my passion for photography into my counseling work.


Office: 2975 Valmont Rd STE 320, Boulder, CO 80301

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